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EX Riley's Anime eyes

The Boondocks has been produced by many animation companies from America (Season 1) to oveseas starting from season 2. As a result, the following seasons of the series have more detailed animation, as well as minor updates for most of the character designs. Below are some of the comapnies.

Samurai Champloo

There are multiple references and homages to Samurai Champloo.
The opening of the first season is remarkably similar to Samurai Champloo's opening.

Boondocks intro

Boondocks intro

Boondocks first season opening

Samurai Champloo Opening Credits

Samurai Champloo Opening Credits

Samurai Champloo opening

Also, in the episode Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner there is a brief cameo of Jin, one of the main characters in Samurai Champloo (altough, he appears in a diferent attire). This is most likely a reference to "Gamblers and Gallantry", an episode in which Jin falls in love with a prostitute.


Jin's cameo

The episode The Red Ball also references heavily another episode of Samurai Champloo, "Baseball Blues".