Thugnificent: Warren motherfuckin' Buffett. What up, nigga? Aw, nigga, stop beatin' around the bush. How much you need? Two billion? I'm givin' you eight. And don't pay me back, nigga. You good. A'ight. My nigga.

Riley: Uh, let's just turn the game on.

Thugnificent: Oh, man, not this motherfucker again! I swear to God every time I turn the TV on, I see this nigga.

Riley: I thought Flonominal was supposed to be back this week.

Thugnificent: Man, that nigga, man. You know he went and got a job.

Riley: A what?!

Thugnificent: I know, nigga. That what I said, a job? Can you believe this nigga? Nigga talkin' about he need health insurance and shit. I'm like "Damn, nigga. Pull down your skirt." You know what I'm sayin'. Take the dick out your ass. Niggas actin' like little bitches, man. And this nigga Macktastic, this nigga went back to pimpin' and shit. Yo, it's funny how niggas change on you, you know what I'm sayin'?

Riley: So you're here all by yourself.

Thugnificent: Yeah. Just me.

Leonard: Hey, what's up, y'all? I just got back from work. Y'all hungry?

Thugnificent: Oh, and Leonard. Oh, man! My Frosty melted! Damn it, Leonard! What the fuck, nigga? Did you take the long way home again?

Thugnificent: I said "Never mind", man! Damn!

Thugnificent: Hey, Sergeant Gutta, I got an idea. Why don't you take your mama's motherfuckin' titty out your mouth so you can rap, nigga?

Riley: Thugnificent's CD dropped the next week. SoundScan say he ain't sold shit. Thugnificent was all fucked up.

Thugnificent: You, it's Thugnificent. You know what, matter of face, it ain't Thugnificent. You know why? Because I ain't feelin' too Thugnificent right now.

Thugnificent: Well, why ain't I gettin' no spins? No, no, no, it's your job to make sure it gets played on the radio! Say what?! You wanna drop me?! You wanna drop Thugnifi... Hello? DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!

Riley: Everything okay?

Thugnificent: Huh? Yeah, little man. Everything's cool. Uh, just trying to make some bigger moves, that's all. You know what I'm sayin'?

Thugnificent: What the fuck do I need several copies of my own CD for, Leonard?! Come on, man! We can't afford for you to just be throwing money away!

Leonard: I didn't throw it away.

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