Boss Willona is an uptight black businesswoman who owns a hair salon and store. She agrees to sell the hair gel that the Freemans made. The sale of the gel goes well, with Malona and her flamboyant homosexual henchman selling the products. Unfortunately, her buisness sales go short when a news announcement shows that the hair gels are deemed as terroristic due to the explosive compound inside the hair gel when two women were arrested for the compound inside their hair. Even with this news Willona still wants to sell the product saying that "These bitches don't care what they put in their hair".

Willona and her henchmen later find the Freemans in an open field where she and her henchmen threaten them to make more of this gel. Riley is excluded due to the henchman tying him outside the RV. During the demonstration, Robert, at Huey's urging, uses the wrong ingredient, causing the compound to explode, at which time Robert and Huey exit as they hold Willona and her henchman inside and pass-out. Robert frees Riley and the Freemans escape in the RV wearing gas masks because of a fire caused by a cigarette from the henchman Later Willona and her henchman awaken and decides to escape in the RV by hotwiring it. Unfortunately, the RV explodes, due to the still present chemicals reacting with the hotwire sparks killing both of them.

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