Catcher Freeman is a character that was introduced in the episode The Story of Catcher Freeman. Catcher was thought to be an ancestor of Robert Freeman.

In the episode Grandad described Catcher Freeman as a great hero that helped the slaves escape using his martial arts and his swordsman skills. Half way through the story Uncle Ruckus explained that he knew the truth, that Catcher was a slave hunter trained by white people.

Eventually Huey gets on the Internet and finds out that Catcher freeman was actually a slave named Tobias, and the secret son of the plantation owner, making him half white.

Tobias was a cowardly, and intelligent, man that accidentally shot the plantation owner, his father, making him a hero.

However, no one liked Tobias before he shot his father.

Ironically, Tobias is a Freeman making them the Freeman white decendant.

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