Dick Riding Obama is sung by a real life rapper called along with Thugnificent it sung in the third season opener of The Boondocks called
Boondocks Season 3 Clip Wil.I01:12

Boondocks Season 3 Clip Wil.I.Am feat Thugnificent -

"It's a Black President, Huey Freeman" it is the second song sung by Thugnificent

Dick Riding Obama (lyrics) (singing): Got up this morning things weren't working right

I said i wanna make a change I said I wanna fight

Obama walked up and said yes we can

I said i wanna ride your nuts cause I think you're the man

Now I'm dick riding.

Thugnificent (singing): Obama Obama. (still singing): Now I'm dick riding.

Thugnificent (still singing): Obama Obama (still singing): Now I'm dick riding.

Thugnificent (still singing): Obama Obama

Thugnificent and (singing together): Now I'm dick Riding ( word Dick Riding keeps repeating until Thugnificents part)

Thugnificent (singing alone): Dick riding for tomorrow

Dick riding for today

Dick riding for the straight

Dick riding for the gay

Dick riding for America

Dick riding for Iraq

It's ok to ride that dick just as long as it's Baracks

And now we're dick riding dick riding


  • Real people such as and as some say George Clooney appear in the video.
  • Gangstalicious appears to appear in the video.

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