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Dont Trust Them New Niggas Over There!01:05

Dont Trust Them New Niggas Over There!

Don't Trust Them New Nigga's is sung by Uncle Ruckus in the episode "The Garden Party" and is the first song in The Boondocks and appears in the 1st season and the the first episode of The Boondocks, The Garden Party.

Don't trust Them New Niggas Over There (lyrics)

Uncle Ruckus: I wanna sing yall a brand new song I just wrote it's called "Don't Trust Them New Niggas Over There" sing along if you know the words. Ahem, Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da. (Uncle Ruckus warming up for his song)

Uncle Ruckus (In song): Don't trust them new niggas over there,

Leaving they nigga essence in the air.

Them happy nappy headed nigga's with thier fingers on the triggers,

Don't trust them new niggas over there.

(At this middle point, the scene cuts to Riley testing Ed.Wuncler's bullet-proof suit with a shot gun in a building at the social party center)

Uncle Ruckus (still in song): Don't trust them big nostrils over yonder,

They suck up so much air it'll make you wonder.

Don't trust them new niggas with thier spiny little nigga fingers,

Don't trust them new niggas over there. ( he falls down)

White Woman: I think the N word is ok as long as they use it. (everyone applauds except for Huey and Granddad)

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