Dr. Doomis is a doctor on the Boondocks he was Lamilton Taeshawn's psychologist, he took notice of Lamilton's sociopathic behavior at kindergarten and convinced his grandmother to bring him in for questioning, during the analysis he asks him why he does bad things and he replies that it's because he likes to, later he asks him for a cigarette because someone presumably his father got him hooked and Dr. Doomis replies that he can't because little boys shouldn't smoke, he is forced to let him go even though he insists that Lamilton be locked up before he does anything really bad, he secretly follows him in order to collect enough evidence to put him in jail, he obversed the things he did with Riley and reported the information to Robert and Huey Freeman that Lamilton is dangerous and that Riley's life may be at stake, he later follows Lamilton and Riley and witnesses Lamilton's shooting of the old lady's dog so he calls the police to take him to jail. However things don't go according to plan and Lamilton is released and he informed Huey and Robert that Riley's life is in danger so Robert grabs a shotgun and they follow him, they witness the ending of Lamilton and Riley's fight and Lamilton is left dangling from the school roof and Riley is trying to pull him back up, Dr. Doomis convinces Riley to drop him because according to him the world would be better off if Lamilton were dead so he grabs Riley's hand and forces him to drop Lamilton causing him to fall down into the pavement below, he thanks the Freeman's for their help and decides to depart with Lamilton's body when Robert informs him that the body is gone only to realise that Lamilton is still alive, Dr. Doomis is horrified so he leaps off the roof and lands on top of him he also survives this and they fight while Lamilton tells him he's going to call the police on him, we don't know what happens after this.

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