Ed Wuncler ll (more commonly known as Eddie Jr.) is The economy crushing/criminal son of Ed Wuncler and Father of Ed The 3rd. He is currently the Freeman Family's Slave owner.


Eddie Jr. has remained unseen for most of the series and has made his first appearance in the Season 4 Episode Good Times. He seems to be in charge of his Father's bank and is usually always accompanied by his associate who does most of the work. While Ed Wuncler has always been a Horrible human being, He has often been more clandestine with his wrong doing. Eddie is quite blatant with his criminal activities, making very little to no effort to hide anything. He cons Robert several times throughout the episode ultimately making Robert Desperate enough to sell himself to slavery. He also appears in the episode Freedomland as the owner of this slavery theme park.


Eddie Jr. like his Father and Own son, Is Extremely Amoral and Conniving. There's a good chance he's murdered some people as when he was seen with a knife and blood stains, and it is also highly suggested that he brought dead body in a garbage bag into the Freeman's garage. He makes himself seem friendly to Robert, Offering to help him with his financial woes. But in reality he is purposely making them worse.

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