The Boondocks
Season 4, Episode 47
Air date April 28, 2014
Written by Rodney Barnes & Angela Nissel
Directed by Dae Woo Lee
Production # 401
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Pretty Boy Flizzy
Breaking Granddad
Good Times is the second episode of the fourth season of The Boondocks.


When Granddad announces that he lost millions of dollars for his home, teps in forcing him and the boys work in order for them to pay their debts so they can save their house.


Robert informs the boys that he wants to move from Woodcrest because his thoughts of the life he would've had didn't pan out. However, leave it to Huey to discover that the real reason was due to being broke and Robert's debt he accumulates totalling over two million dollars. The scene then moves into Woodcrest's version of "Good Times" where Uncle Ruckus is now a polticial candidate representing none other than the Republican badge and still holding on to his "anti-black" man notions. Ed Wuncler Jr. then shows up to do some "assest remanagement" which of course has a cost to it but we know Robert will sell his soul just to get out of discomfort. He gets advised to fake his death from Wuncler's assistant but of course, Robert never listens until it's too late. It becomes "too late" when Robert decides Uncle Ruckus "no relation" comes by Wuncler and some white men with him to offer Robert a slavery contract. Robert doesn't even hesitate because he thinks it's going to work in his favor. When Robert signs the contract despite the protest of the ever present conscience, Huey, the joke ends up on Robert once he discovers it was all a bet set up between Wuncler Jr and his assistant that Wuncler would be able to get Robert to sign himself into slavery. Get this - it was all for a dollar.


This episode took tones and references of the popular '70's show Good Tiimes.


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