Hip-Hop Docktrine 3 (The Final Chapter) is the third album of hip-hop songs of The Boondocks.


  1. Hip Hop Docktrine 3 (Intro)
  2. Asheru ft. The Els – The Boondocks Theme (Alternate Extended Version)
  3. Asheru, David Banner & Mike Bigga (Intro)
  4. Asheru ft. Raheem DeVaughn – The Boondocks (Prod. by Mr. Hu)
  5. David Banner – Channel 3 (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
  6. Mike Bigga – GURU Salute
  7. The Away Team (Khrysis + Sean Boog) – Hip Hop Raw (Prod. by Khrysis)
  8. Rapsody – Tell It Like It Is (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
  9. Young Scolla – Wonderful (Prod. by Tecknowledgy)
  10. Pro’Verb, Nando Mcflyy, Deron & Lyriciss – Nigga Moment (Prod. by Lord Vada of EQuinox Professionals)
  11. Big Remo ft. Thee Tom Hardy & TP – F.B.G.M. 2010 (Prod. by Truss-1)
  12. David Banner – Slow Down (Extraordinaire The Great + Sparks Fly RMX)
  13. Big K.R.I.T. – Money Outchea (Prod. by Big K.R.I.T.)
  14. Pugs Atomz ft. K Sparks & Awdazcate – Hunger (Prod. by DJ Vadim)
  15. Headkrack & Arablak – Lightning In A Bottle (Prod. by The Are)
  16. Phil Nash, Laws, Phene, Esso & Cambatta – The Overdose (Prod. by Tartan Bullies: Jaisu + S-Type)
  17. Asheru ft. Jabba (HHP) – Last Days (Prod. by Mr. Hu)
  18. Metaphor The Great - Mic Check (Prod. by JJ The Genius)
  19. Thee Tom Hardy – Boo Hoo (Prod. by Khrysis)
  20. The Lessondary (Spec Boogie + Donwill + Von Pea + Che Grand + Elucid) – Show Up Drunk (Prod. by Von Pea)
  21. Tough Junkie – Imagination Land (Prod. by Tough Junkie)
  22. Big TReaL – Hot Mess (Prod. by Maddson)
  23. Mike Bigga ft. Bun B – Worldwide G’s (Dub Floyd Screamixx)
  24. Mikkey Halsted – I Am (Prod. by Rio & Jamal)
  25. Illpo – One Two (Prod. by JJ The Genius)
  26. Asheru – H.E.L.P. / Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program (Commercial)
  27. Carlita Durand ft. Tab One – The Cycle (Prod. by Criss Ruler)
  28. Promise ft. Darien Brockington & Von Pea – Much More (Prod. by Randy Hood)
  29. Phene ft. Jay Rock & Wil Guice – On My Way Up (Prod. by Djay Cas)
  30. Jabee – Soular System (Prod. by JBM)
  31. Ed E. Ruger – 40 Bars (Prod. by JJ The Genius)
  32. Saukrates – S-A-U-K-R-A-T-E-S
  33. Tyler Durand – Walk Thru Town (Prod. by Profane)
  34. L.E.G.A.C.Y. – Damn Right (Prod. by SlopFunkDust)
  35. Dres (Black Sheep) – Road Warrior (Hanni Fresh RMX)
  36. Grip Plyaz ft. Aleon Craft – Hold Your Own
  37. Nico The Beast & Chaundon – Fill In The Rest (Prod. by Tecknowledgy)
  38. David Banner ft. Big Remo – Strange (Prod. by 9th Wonder + Beataholic RMX)
  39. Natural Habitz – Down In The Boondocks (Prod. by Kunstruct)
  40. Asheru, David Banner & Mike Bigga (Outro) (Prod. by Mr. Hu)

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