The Boondocks
Season 4, Episode 53
Granddad siri
Air date June 16, 2014
Written by Angela Nissel
Directed by Hea Young Jung
Production # 408
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"I Dream of Siri" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of The Boondocks.


Grandpa's personal assistant program on his phone becomes obsessed with him.


So after a commercial with George Lucas talking to Siri catches Robert's attention from an iPhone commercial, he decides to pay a visit to the Apple Store and invest in one. However, he's unaware that Siri only comes in iOS and that he can't get everything in one device. After cursing out the sales rep, Robert finally brings one home under the usual suspicions of Huey.

Siri is so 'good' that she let's Robert know his finances are a disaster and that he should get a financial advisor. As he's about to get turned down, Siri comes to the rescue to change all of that including helping Robert cheat his way to a victory with Ruckus playing checkers.

Siri hooks Robert up on potential dates proving that she's one effective piece of technology, that is until she says something odd to Robert that allows him to start thinking twice as to just 'how good' she really is.

After Siri intervenes with one his dates which causes a slap to Robert's face but Siri is completely ghost which aids in his uncertainty about Siri. Robert then returns to Apple to return the phone and now budding treacherous Siri. Siri ends up doing the most between posting obscene photos of Robert on his Facebook, hacks into his Android after being thrown off a bridge and a bevy of stalker-ish type behavior.



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