Jack Flowers

Jack Flowers is a fictional character from The Boondocks TV Series. He is based off of Jack Bauer from 24. He is a member of the Central Terrorist Agency. So far he has only appeared in the season 3 finale It's Goin Down. His primary method used when interrogating terrorists is to kick them in the nuts. If they don't give in, he uses a steel toed boot. In the beginning of It's Goin Down he learns from a terrorist that Woodcrest will be a target of a terror attack. He later tries to interrogate Huey after he has captured him. He let's him go when he finds out he is innocent and helps Huey stop the attack. He tries to get Ed Wuncler, who ploted the attack, but he fails.


  • Jack had 3 girlfriends who died in cruel, merciless and  very sadistic ways by stereotypical villians he seems to know, which seem somewhat humorous:
  • Tracy: Died from decapitation by a man pursuing them with a sword.
  • Elanor: Pushed off a building by another, and was wrapped with explosives and was blown up before Jack could catch her.
  • Takwanda: She was tied to a missle, blasted off and was blown up by another man. 

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