Mabel Simmons, commonly known as Madea, is a comedic fictional character created and portrayed by Tyler Perry. The character is a (6'5"), overweight, older woman who embodies the Mammy archetype. She is quite argumentative and is willing to threaten people with her gun, but generally does not get in trouble since she is a nightmare for the police. She has a unique accent, with catch phrases such as "Heller, how ya dern?" or "Halleluyer praise da lort!" Despite her aggressive manner, the character is usually used to teach a lesson. Although Madea is featured as a costarring role in most of Perry's plays and films, including Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea's Family Reunion, Meet the Browns, Madea Goes to Jail, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and most recently, Madea's Big Happy Family, she is not the protagonist, but the comic relief. Despite this, she is often a title character. The only exceptions are the films Madea Goes To Jail and Madea's Big Happy Family in which she is the main character.

The character of Madea was parodied in the episode Pause. In the episode, superstar playwright, screenwriter and actor Winston Jerome cross-dresses to become Ma Dukes.

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