The Ruckus Family is a family full of harships and confusion.

Uncle Ruckus

Return of stinkmeaner390

Uncle Ruckusis the main antagonist of both the Boondocks comic strip and animated television series The Boondocks. A self-hating black man, he believes himself to in fact be caucasian, and his black appearance being caused by what he describes as "Re-Vitiligo", or, "the opposite of what Michael Jackson has".

Mister Ruckus


Mister Ruckus is Uncle Ruckus's very abusive father, he doesn't have a good relationship with neither his wife, kids nor Mother. He is voiced by Don "D.C." Curry.

Nelly Ruckus


Nelly Ruckus was Uncle's arrogant, aggressive grandmother, who despises Mister, her son as much as he hated her. She was living in Ruckus' house until her grandson heads to the Freeman's residents to avoid her and she comes to die. She then curses at Robert and also threatens him before minutes later she later dies while laying on Robert's chair.

Bunny Ruckus


Bunny Ruckus is Uncle Ruckus's mother, her love for the white people over those of her own race is one of the biggest influences in the personality of Uncle Ruckus. She told Uncle that they had found him in the step door as a white baby with re-vitiligo, and that Mister's abuse was caused because of it. She seems very happy and proud of the achievements and lives of her sons, including Uncle.

Darryl Ruckus

Darryl and darrel ruckus by baboonfan-d3cbt8g

Darryl Ruckus is one of Uncle Ruckus' older brothers, although they seem younger than him. He's either the oldest or middle of the three siblings. His other brother is Darrel Ruckus. He is an accountant for a finance company, and just got a promotion. He works in a white-runned financial company, which is controlled by a white boss.

Darrel Ruckus

Darrel Ruckus is one of Uncle Ruckus' older brothers. Darrel is either the oldest or middle of the three. Uncle loves him. Uncle Ruckus appears lot older than his brothers. His other brother is Darryl Ruckus. Darrel is a boss of his own motorcycle shop, and he has a white wife.

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