Sarah Dubois


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Return of stinkmeaner250

Sarah Dubois

Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 30's
Location Woodcrest
First Appearance The Trial of R.Kelly
First Mentioned The Trial of R.Kelly
Episode Count 15
Voiced By Jill Talley

Sarah Dubois is the least prevalent character from the Dubois family. She, like her husband, is liberal and fiercely political. She focuses her efforts on political action against the conservative parties.


She is really casual about her interracial marriage, even going so far as to joke about it when Tom is mocked and attacked for it. Sarah is a member of the NAACP and a self-proclaimed "crusader for black rights. Sarah is sometimes embarrassed by Tom when lots of people are around. Sarah is shown to be much more playful and low-key than Tom, which leads to strains on their relationship (such as when he refused to lighten up and have a little extra wine on their anniversary due to his prison rape phobia). She is hinted to be somewhat sexually frustrated, she fantasizes about strong, successful black men which makes Tom jealous. She and Tom have also clashed over her support for Ralph Nader in the comic strip. Sarah like having dinner with the Freeman's and likes Robert's cooking. Sarah finally knew who save her nana when she found out that Ebony Brown works at the place where the cure was found. Sarah is very strict and angered about the way Tom acts toward her, she wants him to be more in control and assertive. Sarah also shows a lot of love for major rappers and R&B singers like Usher and Pretty Boy Flizzy. She tends to get carried away and force Tom out of the house sometimes.


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