Thugnificent: Goddamn! Can somebody tell me what time it is?

Flonominal: What the fuck's wrong with your watch?

Thugnificent: Shit, nigga. The sun is reflecting all this ice. I can't see a motherfucking thing!

Macktastic: Man, get the fuck outta here.

Thugnificent: No, for real, nigga. Look!

Thugnificent: Flo, you got your stunner shades, right?

Thugnificent: Well, put the motherfuckers on then, nigga! Tell me what time it is!

Thugnificent: Mack, the ho's were supposed to be here at noon! What the fuck?

Macktastic: Man, Quentin just texted me. He say the ho's is en route.

Thugnificent: Quentin's ho's is always en route. They ain't ever in here. Damn! We might as well be working at Kinko's.

Debbie: Hey, Thugnificent. I'm taking off. Just wanted to say thanks for the opportunity. It was great.

Macktastic: Hey, little mama. Why don't you stay and kick it with us for a little while?

Macktastic: Oh, shit, nigga. That motherfucker's bangin', right? You hear that bassline?

Flonominal: Yo, it was blazin', son. That shit is incredible, kid.

Leonard: I mean, it's hot, hot, but you know me. I would just turn up the bass a little high and the monitor's speak--

Thugnificent: Fuck you, hating-ass nigga. Don't nobody give a fuck what your dumb-ass think. Gimme this motherfucker! Get your ass up outta here, you ol' hook-ass nigga!

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