Quote: Whoever fights monsters should see to it, in the process, he does not become a monster. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Two scientists in an unknown facility are detecting something. It is Stinkmeaner. He is frozen in a chrome that reads 20.

Male Scientist: Open 20.

Stinkmeaner is being interviewed by the male scientist.

Male Scientist: Mr. Stinkmeaner, do you understand what I've just told you?
Stinkmeaner: I'm a clone.
Male Scientist: Yes. Created at this secret and highly illegal underground human cloning facility.
Stinkmeaner: Why am I so old?
Male Scientist: What?
Stinkmeaner: If you cloned me when you say you did, shouldn't I still be a little kid?
Male Scientist: The man who you are a clone of is Colonel H. Stinkmeaner. He answered our volunteer recruitment ad on BlackPeopleMeet. A few days later, he died in a street fight.
Stinkmeaner: Ha! Fuck him. He dead. I'm alive, motherfucker.
Male Scientist: He left you those clothes, that cane and the glasses. He asked that if the cloning was successful, we relay this message: "Dear, me. Please, go fuck with Robert J. Freeman. Warm regards, nigga. OG Stinkmeaner." By the way, you're not exactly the same as the original. There were some enhancements.

Title Card: Nigga Moment Part 4.

Stinkmeaner: Hey, kids, welcome to the Nigga Moment Reboot.

Stinkmeaner, in a white apron, is in a kitchen set. It is like a reality cooking show, with a live audience.
Stinkmeaner: This is where we're gonna do some shit we already did, and just pretend you didn't see that shit the first time. Ha-ha-ha! That's right, nigga, we don't respect your intelligence. Hey, and welcome to Cooking with Stink. We're whipping up a nigga moment today,

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