The Boondocks
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date March 12, 2006
Written by Yamar Taylor

Aaron McGruder

Directed by Kalvin Lee
Production # 114
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"The Block Is Hot" is the fourteenth episode of Adult Swim's The Boondocks series. It originally aired on March 12, 2006.

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Huey, wearing a heavy coat and scarf on a painfully hot day, is handing out fliers to passers-by. He sits on the sidewalk next to a lemonade stand that Jazmine has set up. Huey is unable to get anyone to listen to him, but Jazmine is doing excellent business.

Huey: Prozac can lead to suicide.
Jazmine: But lemonade can lead to smiles, which can cause dimples.
Man: Dimples? I'll take two!

Ed Wuncler offers to buy the stand for the price of one pony. Jazmine agrees, signing the contract without reading it. Wuncler soon makes unreasonable demands of Jazmine and institutes sweat-shop labor conditions. As the days heat up, the line of customers stretches around the block and Jazmine is kept busy. Wuncler says that money from the stand will pay for the pony's food and upkeep, so that if Jazmine leaves, the pony will "starve to death in a puddle of its own feces". Jazmine stays at the stand.

Huey, meanwhile, has used the Internet to find human rights activists who ca
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n help shut down the stand. The group arrives, but their plan is only to stand around singing protest songs, rather than the direct action Huey had envisioned. Wuncler arrives in a horse-drawn carriage and announces his new, "cruelty-free" lemonade which is well received by the protesters (though it's obviously not very cruelty-free). He shuts down the stand and tells Jazmine that her cut was only 5%. After expenses, not only does she not get the pony, she ends up owing Wuncler $300.

Huey grabs a trash-can and throws it through the window of the stand, smashing it and letting the assembled protesters and thirsty citizens grab the cups of lemonade that they wanted. A riot begins to break out, but melts away when snow begins to fall, which is what Huey prepared for with his heavy coat.

We see that Huey has been handing out flyers saying "90 degrees in February? This sh*t is Crazy!!!" Jazmine thinks about what has just happened and then considers opening a hot chocolate delivery service.