The Boondocks
Season 4, Episode 55
Air date June 23, 2014
Written by Rodney Barnes
Directed by Dae Woo Lee
Production # 405
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The New Black is the tenth and final episode of the fourth season of The Boondocks.


Riley becomes the maligned target of gay rights groups after he calls his classmate "gay." In these sensitive times when everyone is offended by everything, Riley really has to watch what he says, even when his apology may upset people.


During school one of Riley's peers in the cafeteria displays his love for dance, Riley asks the young man to stop because "that's gay". Riley then makes headlines everywhere even as to have Ellen speak out against Riley for becoming a bully causing Grandad to panic.

Mediator Walter Sweetlove from 'Yes Homo' calls Robert with three suggestions to rectify the mess Riley made by using him as the face of a youth campaign.The suggestions are for Riley to take sensitivity counseling, record a gay PSA, and then supply a public apology. Things take a turn for the worse when Riley goes against the issuance of the apology leaving Grandad to save the day.

Rollo aids Grandad but exaggerates citing Riley as a "special needs" child which now acts as a defense against Riley's offensive words making the circumstances on and even playing field. Trust, it makes matters more challenging and still doesn't recreate Riley's image.


  • This is the second time Riley Freeman has been on the media for school issues.
  • It's revealed that the only kind of white people that Ruckus can't stand are gay white people, and average white people, cause he claims "they make n-word music".


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