• Uncle Ruckus is shown to be also racists towards Asians, since he called them: "Japs", or "Yellow Niggers"
  • This is so far the first and only appearance of Jingmei
  • Although Ms. Van Hausen, Gin Rummy, Butch Magnus, and Cindy McPhearson are seen throughout the episode, they don't have no lines
  • Ed's jersey number is unknown throughout the episode since he is wearing his bulletproof vest in the episode
  • The first episode since the pilot when Ed speaks directly towards his grandson
  • Huey is shown to be extremely skilled in kickball

Cultural References

  • The episode is a parody of the Samurai Champloo episode "Baseball Blues".
  • Uncle Ruckus' comment towards the Chinese player after she was knocked down by Huey is a reference of the Industrial Revolution of America.
  • Uncle Ruckus calling Long-dou "Chairman Mao" is a reference to Mao Zedong, the Chinese philosopher/revolutionist.
  • The overaged, muscular player of Long-dou's team is said, according to Long-dou, is only 12 years old and a birth certificate is verified by the keeper is a reference to the Chinese Olympics when Chinese gymnastic leaders muscular built and ages.
  • Kickball eludes to its violent counterpart, dodgeball, which is banned in most American schoolgrounds.
  • The climax is a reference to Dragon Ball Z
  • Ming's powerful kick references Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • The exaggerated super-speed and strength and super-powered fascinating kickball moves is influenced by the comedy Shaolin Soccer.
  • The episode references the current recession in America which Ed Wuncler represents the US bankers and Wushing representing the Chinese government in kickball in debts, accounts, and bets.


  • Although the Woodcrest team wins the tortument, the score is a tie, which is a 8-8.

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