Riley: That nigga lyin'!

Huey: And how would you know?

Riley: Granddad's always makin' up some shit about history. How come everyone we're related to is somebody famous? The first nigga to go to the moon or the first nigga to pole vault. Man, he made up Catcher Freeman. Shoot, he probably made up this whole "slavery" thing. What nigga you know gon' work all day in a hot field for no paper? See, that's your problem. You be believin' in anything somebody tells you or put in a book. See, I keep my mental mind extra secure. Nothin' gets in.

Granddad: Where you going? Don't you want to hear the rest of the Catcher Freeman story?

Riley: No, I don't wanna hear no more of your made-up stories.

Granddad: I told you, Catcher Freeman was real. He was your great-great-great-great-great-great granddaddy.

Riley: What about when you told us your cousin integrated baseball?

Granddad: He did!

Riley: At school, they said Jackie Robinson integrated baseball.

Granddad: That's your fourth cousin on my uncle's side. Jackie Robinson Freeman. The Freeman side. Now, hush up and pay attention!

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