Ruckus: Fine! I hope you niggas are happy with each other.

Lando: Aw, Pops. You don't even know what that meant to a nigga right now. For the first time in my life, I understand the true meaning of family.

Ruckus: And one more thing, George Lucas ruined the "Star Wars" franchise the minute that wavy-haired jigaboo stepped on screen and put his monkey paws all over Princess Leia.

Huey: "Producers reserve the right to nullify, falsify, reverse and/or otherwise misrepresent results of DNA paternity test to preserve the integrity of the show".

Lando: "Actual DNA test results available on request?"

Granddad: International star and Colt 45 spokesperson Billy Dee Williams?

Billy Dee: Yes. You must be Robert Freeman. I saw you on "The Steve Wilkos Show" with Lando, but I'm afraid I've got some pretty shocking news. He's not your son.

Granddad: We know that!

Huey: How do you know that?

Billy Dee: Because he's my son.

Granddad: Your son? You mean, you and Marietta?

Billy Dee: Yes. She sent me a letter, must've been right before she passed. I've been trying to find him, but I couldn't until I saw him on your show. Is he here?

Granddad: That way.

Huey: If you hurry, you might catch him.

Billy Dee: Thanks.

Riley: Man! I wish I could be related to Billy Dee Williams. He way cooler than you, Granddad. Guess that's why he get all the bitches first.

Granddad: Boys, it's a great day for yard work.

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