Uncle Ruckus Movie
Film poster
Produced by Aaron McGruder
Starring Gary Anthony Williams
Language(s) English
Official website

From The Boondocks comic strip and animated series on ADULT SWIM, the legendary UNCLE RUCKUS.


The Uncle Ruckus Movie faces all of the normal challenges that go along with production - which are too numerous and unpredictable to delineate here. Movie-making is a messy, chaotic business. Delays caused by issues with collaborators, unforeseen additional filming, technical issues, actors getting arrested for something ridiculous - are all issues we've faced in the past and will likely continue to face. Backers will be kept up-to-date on progress through our production blog. If something goes terribly wrong, you'll be the first to know.

If for some reason we reach our Kickstarter goals, but still fail to actually get the movie off the ground, the following will happen:

All Bag O' Ruckus rewards will be fulfilled (mid 2013).

An Uncle Ruckus mockumentary UNCLE RUCKUS SAVES AMERICA will be produced in place of THE UNCLE RUCKUS MOVIE, allowing all of the rewards to remain unaffected. The Ruckus movie has failed to meet money standards to fund ($200,000).

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