"Now, look, I'm not trying to insult you. I just don't approve of what you people do to women. "Tom Dubois

Tom Dubois


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Gender Male
Status Alive
Age 30-40
Occupation District Attorney
Location Woodcrest
Relatives Sarah Dubois Jazmine Dubois
First Appearance The Trial of R.Kelly
First Mentioned The Trial of R.Kelly
Episode Count 38
Voiced By Cedric Yarbrough

Thomas "Tom" Lancaster Dubois, is a wealthy, cowardly and mild-mannered black man, is an assistant district attorney and close friend of Robert Freeman. Tom, being non-confrontational and skittish by nature, adheres strictly to the law, particularly due to his irrational fear of being sent to prison and anally raped as explained in the episode A Date With The Health Inspector.


Tom was exposed at a very young age to a movie depicting a violent prison rape. The fear developed to such a degree that Tom refused to participate in even the slightest of legal infractions (even those that are not punishable by a prison sentence) as a youth and throughout adulthood. Tom faces his fear and and decides to take Huey, Riley and their classmates to jail for a field trip on episode A Date With the Booty Warrior. His job as a prosecuting attorney is ironic: He essentially sends other people (mostly black men) to the fate he himself most fears, but he does this not to meet his clients in jail. Tom's hobbies include singing and playing the piano, and he once dream of becoming a successful recording artist. He also played basketball on his Ivy League college team, Princeton University but, as Sarah points out, he was mostly a bench warmer. He is depicted as somewhat of a goober and a wet blanket in social situations, since he seems unable to truly lighten up. He and his wife are active members of the NAACP and demonstrate a strong understanding of the struggles of African Americans, much as Huey does. Huey is more proactive and confrontational in his approach and generally questions to what degree the NAACP helps African Americans. Furthermore, Huey views Tom as part of the white power structure that he detests (i.e., part of the "Establishment system"). Riley's interactions with Tom are few and far between. Huey shows Tom respect as an elder. Riley, as with most adults he encounters, does not, and this leaves him prone to clash with Tom as he often clashes with his own grandfather. He was also temporarily possessed by the spirit of Colonel H. Stinkmeaner in the episode, Stinkmeaner Strikes Back. Tom and Sarah's relationship stautus always varies each episode. Tom can't seem to understand why Sarah wants him to be more assertive and disrespectful sometime. He is also very jeaulous when she is seen hanging out with R$B artist such asUsher and Pretty Boy Flizzy.


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