Cultural References

  • Dewey Jenkins' poem speech at Moe's funeral references Pookie from New Jack City , Chewbacca from the Star Wars franchise, Tookie Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger .
  • Riley wears a suit referencing Tony Montana from Scarface.
  • It is revealed in the WWll sequence, Robert's car was named after Dorothy Dandridge.
  • Moe's pictures at the funeral was with celebrities including Michael Jackson , Muhammed Ali and Ray Charles .
  • Friday Reference: Riley was about to say Smokey's infamous line "You got knocked the fuck out" after Huey gets headbutted by Cairo.
  • Dewey is a parody of the Black Arts Movement (BAM)
  • The instrumental from the flashback of the alley was "Fancy Clown" by Madvillian's.


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