A kickball team representing the city of Wushung, China, who play an annual tournament against the kickball team of Woodcrest, USA.

To pay off his debts, Ed Wuncler, Sr. bets everything he owns against a Chinese businessman, Mr. Long-dou, on a kickball game between their two teams. Wuncler persuades Granddad into trying to talk Huey (described as the Tiger Woods of kickball "before the wife-cheating thing") into playing the game. However, Huey has refused to play ever since he gave a girl a permanent, severe limp during a game. Granddad forces Huey to go to the field, where Wuncler explains the history of the sport and reveals that the girl was never injured and even has her do a dance to prove it. The scene was staged to get Huey to quit because he was an unstoppable player; Wuncler wanted to win at any cost, even if it meant that Huey would be scarred for life. Wuncler introduces Huey to his team, which he claims is the best in kickball history and includes Blackwater mercenaries and theDominican Republics top junior squad. When Huey still refuses to play, Wuncler tries to blackmail him with a photo of himself wearing Kanye West sunglasses, nut-hugger jeans, and Louis Vuitton driving shoes. This ploy fails, as does Wuncler's statement that everything he owns is at stake - including his banks and the Freemans' house.Huey gathers players from the neighborhood: Tom Dubois, Granddad, Ed Wuncler III, Riley, Cindy McPhearson, a Tibetan named Jingmei who wishes to humiliate the Chinese, Butch Magnus, and Mrs. Von Heusen. Wuncler is furious over these choices, but Huey says that they are the best Woodcrest has to offer. By the middle of the second inning, the Chinese team is leading 4-0 and has physically brutalized Huey's players. Though Huey wants to quit, the others refuse to "go out like a bunch of l'il bitches"; Wuncler persuades Huey to start playing his best and the score is soon 4-3. Seconds later, Gin Rummy sneaks in and kills the referee, who had been bribed by the Chinese. During a short break in the game, Ming tells Huey that Mr. Long-dou will send her to a prison camp for athletes who have shamed their country if she loses; she envies Huey for being able to choose to walk away from the sport. Not long afterward, Wuncler brings in a new and (supposedly) impartial referee: Uncle Ruckus, who immediately starts making racist remarks against the Chinese


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